Research projects

2010 - Ethnographic film and issues of its content

2010 - Battlefield Cyberspace: Role of Internet in Zapatista Uprising

2010 - Vice Age (Social Anthropology in Virtual Worlds)

2010 - Heptic Cinema Experiment (8mm project)

2011 - Climate Change and its Socio-cultural Impact in the Himalayan region               of Nepal - A Visual Documentation

2011 - Shambala- A Story of Paradise Lost (film)

2012 - The Story of Digital Samurai (Virtual Environments and Cultures)

2013 - Moving Down or Not, Phase II: Dheye (Dhe Village) with D. Bernet et al,

2014 - The Last Yak herder of Dhe (film)

2014 - Moving a whole village as a Last resort with D. Bernet et al,

2016 - Climate Vulnerability and adaptation to climate impacts in the                           Himalayan region of Nepal

2016 - Wind of Change in Lo Mustang (film)

2017 - Obscured for centuries: The Lost Rock Art of Lo Mustang (paper) 

            with John Vincent Bellezza

2018 - "Lo Mustang" Photo Exhibition (Caen, France)

2018 - Bon Manuscripts in Context - Center For The Study Of Manuscript Cultures, Universität Hamburg

            "Bon Manuscripts in Ludakphu, Dhe Village (Shar-ri, Lo)"

2018 - Asian Project Market (APM-Busan) - Kangling

2018 - Bon Manuscripts in Ludakphu, Dhe Village (Shar-ri, Lo) - paper

2019 - Visual Anthropology in Nepal, A Critique of the Past, and Contemporary Practices and a Way Forward - paper

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2019/2020 - Snow Leopard (Short Film) - Under Post Production

2020 - From Obscurity to Oblivion: Cultural Heritage Sites of Dhe in the time of Environmental and Climate Change - paper

Nepal Damals (Once upon a time in Nepal)

       Ethnographic pictorial archive