Fidel Devkota is a filmmaker and visual anthropologist from Nepal who has been active as a filmmaker, anthropologist, photographer, and lecturer for the past decade. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Film Studies, MA, and PhD in Visual Media Anthropology. His filmography includes The Last Fit (2007, 11’), Irony (2008, 23’), Shambala: The Story of Paradise Lost (2011, 50’), The Last Yak Herder of Dhe (2014, 33’) and Wind of Change in Lo Mustang (2017, 80’). His films, photography, publications, and research works are mainly focused on human-environmental relationships, addressing the themes of spiritual, social, and economic transformation in a time of environmental and political change in the Himalayas. He is currently working on his debut feature film (fiction) ‘Kangling’ (Bone Trumpet). His present short film ‘Snow Leopard’ is a prequel to ‘Kangling’.

Devkota is one of the Founder of Nepal Film Campus in Kathmandu (4 Years Bachelor's Degree in Film Studies (BFS) affiliated to Tribhuvan University. He is the Academic Director of the Campus.

Dr. Fidel Devkota

Environmental, Visual, and Applied Anthropologist/