Kangling (Bone Trumpet) - debut fiction film


A journey of a nomad, a monk, and a woman who are confronting desperate realities meet under the mysterious circumstance in the high Himalayan pasture in Nepal that may possibly change their fate as they part ways. 


Three people, a LAMA (45), a NOMAD (40) and a wandering WOMAN (30) meet under mysterious circumstances as a long winter comes to an end in Nepal's Himalayas. A mountain nomad is desperately fighting for his existence due to the loss of his traditional subsistence. There are inexplicable things happening in the pasture. Strange things are underfoot, growling sounds of wild foxes and snow leopards grows nearer every day, only to be punctuated by desperate cries of a woman. There is also some sighting of mysterious figures in/around the pastureland. Nomad believes that it is a sign that local deities and the spirits of his ancestors are angry with him because he is slowly giving up on their culture and traditions. He seeks help from a ngagpa-monk (Lama) from a nearby village for divine intervention to quell the wrath and vengeance of his ancestors and local spirits. The ngagpa-monk is confronting his own desperate economic realities. He is contemplating migration to the city with his family as the last resort. He agrees to assist the nomad hoping that the nomad will help him too. On his way to the pasture, the monk meets a woman with her own reasons to be there.

Bone Trumpet is the journey of these three individuals who are confronting desperate realities and looking to end their sufferings. As they converge, numerous dramatic events unfold which shed light on the past and present of the characters and circumstances leading to their meeting in the pasture. Their meeting may not be a mere coincidence and their destinies may change forever as they part ways. 

Other Details

Production country - Nepal and France

Producer(s) - Fidel Devkota (Ciné Sankipa, Nepal)

               - Catherine Dussart (CDP, France)


Format - 4K I Color 

Running Time - 90 minutes

Genre - Magic realism

Language - Tibetan (Lowa dialect) 


Project Status - Pre-Production